I like to photograph food.

22 02 2011

Somebody help! My jar of peanut butter is on its last legs!  There’s barely enough there to spread on a piece of toast. What do I do?

My favorite way to finish the jar is to make some Oats in Jar (OIAJ). I think Kath may have coined the term…I wonder if she’ll be trademarking it someday:-)

I made myself some steel-cut oats with bananas and chia seeds, and layered it with some fresh strawberries and coconut flakes. Topped with some almond butter (love my nut butters!) and Crofter’s jam. Great way to start my day.

My pictures are a work in progress folks. I’m currently taking an Introduction to Digital Photography class at the Washington School of Photography. Like Chloe, I get all those group email deals, Groupon, Living Social, Buy With Me, etc. and that’s how I ended up taking this class. Living Social had a super deal sometime last fall to take the intro class for $99. I saw this deal a few weeks after my mom had given me her old DSLR, which I hadn’t really touched because it was kind of intimidating. I did some reading online about how to use the camera, and I thought I understood well enough to go shooting, but all the photography terms- f-stop, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance- bounced around in my head and I would just get frustrated. I’m going to give a shout out to Ashley here, whose series of posts on photography basics were super helpful and cleared up some of my confusion.

My class is 4 weeks long, and we meet once/week. This past Saturday was our third meeting, and we went on a Photography “field trip.” The great thing about living in the Nation’s Capitol is that there is never a shortage of things to photograph! We all met at Union Station, then walked over to the Capitol building and the US Capitol Visitor’s Center, and then headed to the Supreme Court. Though it was SUPER windy, it was a great day for taking pictures. The sun was shining in a cloudless sky, and it was in the 50s! Not bad for the middle of February, especially considering that there’s snow on the ground this morning!

I often take living in DC for granted; in my 5 and a half years living here, I’ve done very little of the “touristy stuff;” this was probably my 3rd or 4th time getting thisclose to the Capitol, my first time in the Visitor’s Center, and I don’t think I had ever been on the steps of the Supreme Court building. This. must. change. Especially now that I’m working on my photography!

Anyhow, here are some of my favorite shots from my field trip.

You’re probably asking yourself, um, why aren’t there more pictures of the Capitol; isn’t that one of the best things to take pictures of? Well, I realized today that I struggle with composing pictures of buildings or landscapes. Though my instructor taught us the basic principals of composition, sometimes I just don’t see it, or maybe the subject matter doesn’t speak to me. The subject matter that does speak to me though is food. Would you expect anything else?

So, I went home and made something I’ve been dreaming about for weeks, ever since I saw this blog post. I’ve been following Emily from The Daily Garnish for about a year now, and she always has creative recipe ideas. When the Project Food Blog competition was going on, I anxiously awaited everyone’s posts, especially Emily’s. I made her Harvest Root Vegetable Pie from the competition, and finally had the time this weekend to make her Indian Naan Pizzas.

I followed her recipe exactly, except I took a shortcut and bought Paneer instead of making it from scratch. I only made her second pizza, the garam masala tomato sauce one. But man oh man, was it GOOD! I think this is my new favorite pizza! I made four individual sized pizzas, and I had to resist eating all of them. I added a side of Tasty Bite’s Madras Lentils for some protein, and enjoyed my evening eating pizza and watching How I Met Your Mother. Do yourself a favor and make this pizza tonight. You’ll thank me later.



Yummy deliciousness after


All this talk about pizza is making me hungry. Glad I have leftovers!

Question of the day: What is your favorite kind of pizza?

P.S. Quick shout out to the Wheaton College (my alma mater) Women’s swim team: CCIW conference champs! Congrats Ladies!



7 responses

22 02 2011

Robert Capa famously said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” He was talking about photojournalism in war, but I think it applies to architecture as well.

Which is to say, nice banister. The short focal length makes anything look artsy 😉

22 02 2011

Thanks Daniel!

22 02 2011

Love the photos from your class steph! I need you to teach me!

22 02 2011

Thanks Michelle! I’ll have to come take pics of your boys and see how I do with portraits!

22 02 2011
Allie (Live Laugh Eat)

That’s where I took my food photog workshop! If it weren’t so far away, I would consider taking a long term class there…or maybe get the certificate (oh wait I got a job…nvm!).

Your photos look beautiful. I sense the beginning of an addiction. Next time we dine, we can chat all things aperture and f-stop 🙂

22 02 2011

Hey Allie! Thanks for the comment! I saw on your blog that you too the food photography workshop. It looked awesome! And now I want a macro lens…We should definitely grab a bite to eat sometime; I’d love to catch up!

15 03 2011
My, how I’ve missed you! « 321delish

[…] surprised by how easy it was to make this naan! It was a lot flatter and softer than the naan I made pizza with a few weeks ago, but was a perfect substitution for pita bread in this recipe. I also subbed in […]

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