Awkward and Embarrasing Race Photos

31 03 2011

Last weekend I ran the D.C. National 1/2 Marathon.

If you have ever run a race or competed in a triathlon that has race photos, you know that the VAST majority of the pictures are not flattering. Not only are they unflattering, they are frequently awkward and catch you at the exact moment when you feel like you are about to drop down to your knees and collapse. So I thought I would share some of my finest moments with you. Enjoy…

How’s that for taking one for the team?? Please…do share your oh so flattering race photos! Every once in a while (only because the race was over in my case) do you get a nice shot. I stood in line… legs aching, heart still racing and with complete cotton mouth to get this nice shot taken 🙂

Moving on…I started off my week with my head held pretty high! Its not every day you can toss your breakfast halfway through the race and still PR! Tuesday evening however,  I was put back in my place in just 10 short minutes! I joined a gym this winter so that I could continue running and biking spinning despite the D.C. winter weather. Along with the most ridiculously expensive gym membership, I received one free training session. At first I blew off this training session, assuming that the trainer would just have me to some push ups, sit ups, etc. and that I really didn’t have time (or motivation) to schedule a training session. ***I am very aware that strength training is a really important component of triathlon training but have been AWFUL at incorporating it into my training plan! After a few months at the gym however, I met a few triathletes who also were using the gym for their winter training. As it turned out, there was also a personal trainer at the gym who had competed in a number of marathon and Ironman races.  I decided to just go ahead and do it and that is just what I did on Tuesday night. And boy was I right! I did push ups, sit ups and squats.  But boy was I wrong…they were TOTALLY worth my while. Apparently my ability to swim a lot, run a lot and bike a lot does not translate into overall body strength. I AM SORE SORE SORE.

This was the “simple” circuit that he had me do.

Put on a timer or start your stop watch for 10- minutes. For the next ten minutes…do the following…without stopping.

30 squats.

10 pushups.

10 situps.

When I was finished, my arms was shaking, my heart was racing and my legs felt like this dudes:

And the next day…I couldn’t walk. Turns out that just because you can run a 1/2 marathon does not mean you can do a few push ups, sit ups and squats. I think that I will be incorporating this little number into my weekly training schedule.

Moral of my little story: push ups, sit ups and squats are good for EVERYBODY! so DO EM!

Question of the Day: Do you strength train? If not, why? If so, what types of exercises do you do?



2 responses

1 04 2011
Allie (Live Laugh Eat)

Haha thanks for sharing these, Chloe! I love #4. There needs to be a thought bubble that says “what did I get myself into?” 🙂

2 04 2011

I definitely try to incorporate circuits like this into my workouts–just yesterday Becca was telling me about a trainer she had talked to who said that while all the cardio work is really important, it doesn’t build muscle mass so as you get old and start to lose muscle (which is normal!), you have less of a base to lose from and end up being much weaker much faster than if you had incorporated strength and power training into the workout regimen. So do your push-ups and lunges! Try adding weights or resistance bands!

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