10 Workouts = Burger Cookie Reward.

11 04 2011

This week has been a doozy of a training week for me (Chloe)! The days of feeling sick, sore and frustrated from my fall are long gone and early mornings at the pool, sunset workouts at the track and long rides on Sunday mornings are back in full swing. As I have mentioned before, I am definitely one to follow my training plan. I would say that I have followed about 85% of my workouts since January! Most of my missed practices were because of vacation, sickness or falling 😦 I had a great week of workouts this week though…which were made even better because I was able to train a bunch of sessions with one of my favorite training partners (and best blogging partner EVER), Steph :)!


So this is what my training looked like this past week…

Monday: AM track workout (1 mile warm up, 3 miles 1/2 lap all out 1 lap recovery, 1 mile warm down) PM 15 mile bike ride

Tuesday: AM 3000 swim

Wednesday: AM 2500 swim, PM 6.2 mile run (both with Steph :))

Thursday: AM 2.5 mile EASY run + circuit , PM 15 mile bike

Friday: OFF 🙂 🙂 🙂

Saturday: 4000 swim + 7.5 mile pace run (10 minute warm up, 40 min race pace, 10 minute cool down)

Sunday: 35 mile bike

I fueled my training this week with the typical loaded salads (including nuts, cheese and fruit); greek yogurt, granola and mixed berry parfaits; turkey and swiss cheese sandwiches, daily oatmeal bowls and of course ice cream; however I also added another special treat to my eats. Burger Cookies…straight out of my home town of Baltimore. These babies taste so  good when they hit your lips… (Old School…anyone?) And they taste ESPECIALLY good when they hit your lips after a hard workout! These cookies do not need explanation. Check. Them. Out.

If you have not had one of these delicacies…get on it ASAP. If you have…you know what all the hype is about! Have a great week! See you on Wednesday!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite cookie?!