Where the Magic Happens

19 04 2011

Sorry kids…this is not MTV Cribs. No bedroom shots on this blog! And anyway…my magic happens in the kitchen 🙂 Every day I read tons of blogs with some of the most delicious looking recipes, but most blogs only show snapshots of the meal in making or the final product. There have been a few bloggers, such as Tina, Emily and Ashley (who had the chance to design her own kitchen!) that give you a little sneak peak, but most bloggers keep their kitchens to themselves. I completely understand and respect wanting to keep one’s kitchen private…but today my friends, I am going to give you a little glimpse into Chloe’s Kitchen.

Yup. There she is….teeny tiny with a yellow glow. The microwave is too small to fit a full size plate. The dishwasher fits about 2 days worth of dishes.  The oven is so small that when I bake cookies, the cookie tin causes the oven door to stay open a crack; and the majority of my counter space is often filled with water bottles, wallets, pink lunch boxes, etc. My kitchen definitely has no bells and whistles, but I have managed to put together some recipes that I am pretty proud of. But wait for it…hold on to your hats…in 3 weeks I will be baking/cooking up a storm in THIS NEW KITCHEN.

While this is the EXACT  layout (with appliances, floor, etc) of my new kitchen, it is a model of the apartment I will be moving into, not the exact kitchen. I get giddy thinking about cooking in this kitchen. I will be able to bake cookies AND close the oven door! I. CAN’T. WAIT. Chris definitely does not understand the level of excitement that this kitchen brings…but lucky for me, I have plenty of fellow foodies, like you, who are on the same page as me 🙂

Question of the Day: What is your favorite room in your house?