Hotels Are Good For…

20 04 2011

After reading Chloe’s “Where the Magic Happens” post and reading this title, I hope you don’t think we’re changing our blog topic! Get your mind out of the gutter people! We keep it PG here! 😉

Hotels (sometimes) are good for getting in some good tri training!

Last week, I spent a few days out of town on a business trip. I really like that I get to travel some for my job, but travel always seems to get me a little out of my normal workout routine. Sometimes, this can be a bad thing, if I don’t make working out a priority while I’m traveling. Other times this can be a good thing, especially if you are in a place where you can explore some local trails, experience a fun new activity, or you can rent a bike:

Well, I didn’t really go exploring the Chicago suburbs, but I did prioritize training, and made use of the hotel’s gym:


Though small, (the mirrors make it look way bigger) it had the equipment I would be using: a treadmill and some free weights.

What was really nice about being at the hotel gym, was that:

A) I took the time to do a weight workout. It’s been a while since I’ve lifted. Usually, I stick to cardio, despite knowing that  lifting will help me improve my race. When I’m home, it is so easy for me to skip it. So, with the weights this gym had, I did some arms and abs, and I even threw in some lunges.

B) I was able to run an interval workout. I often do interval workouts throughout the winter, becuase mixing up the speed on the treadmill is the only way for me to not get tired of it while it’s cold outside. As the weather warms up, I sometimes slack on doing intervals (I know I could just go to a track, but I just don’t for some reason) because I just like to get out and go when it’s nice out! At the hotel, I stuck to the treadmill:

I set my alarm early so I could workout before we got started for the day. I was REALLY tempted to hit snooze and skip, but I saw a tweet from Anne P. about how great she felt after her a.m. workout, and that made me think of how good I’d feel after a workout. So, off I went and I did this:

10 minutes warm up, steady pace

1 minute @ 7.0

1 minute @ 8.0

1 minute @ 7.5

1 minute @ 8.5

1 minute @ 6.5

Repeat the 5-minute set 4 times.

Warm down, 5- 10 minutes.

This was a quick 30 minute run, but I certainly got a great workout in. My heart was pumping!!

I sure was glad that I ran, because we were served this as our afternoon snack (after the delicious catered lunch, which included dessert):

Cookies and milk?!?! Yes please! I feel like I’m ten again 🙂

So, here’s a few tips for staying active and sticking to your training when you are traveling:

1) Make exercise a priority. I find it best for me to workout in the morning, since you never know what the evening will bring! And, if you want to explore a new, fun city, you’ll be doing THAT in your evenings.

2) If your time allows, look for a bike shop where you can rent a bike. It’s great exercise, and a great way to see the city!

3) Research local running clubs; they may have a group run you can tag along with, which is way safer than running alone in a new city!

Question of the day: What are your tips for sticking to your training while traveling?

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