Got Cake?

26 04 2011

While Chloe’s weekend theme was go, go, go, my weekend seemed to have an ongoing theme of cake! And who doesn’t like cake?

I had my latest cake decorating job for one of my dearest friend’s boyfriend’s brother. How’s that for several degrees of separation;-)? Anyhow, it was a Chicago Bears themed cake, which despite being a big fan of Chicago as a city, I’m DEFINITELY a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Regardless, I got right to work on his cake, which was pretty fun to make:-) Here’s a peek of the finished product:

The 3-D football on the cake is from the Easter section at Target. It’s a plastic egg filled with candy!

When I baked the cake, I used 2 cake mixes (shh!), which is too much for my one 9″ x 13″ pan. So, I filled two teeny ramekins with the remainder of the mix, and baked them along with the cake. The result was 2 individual sized cakes, aka cupcakes:-) I ate one for breakfast (um, its like a muffin, right?) and decorated the other for my roommate:

I dyed some of my leftover white icing and some coconut shreds, topped it with two peanut butter M & Ms (of course!) and, voila! You’ve got a bird’s nest cupcake:-)

This weekend I went home to my parent’s house for Easter, and of course, my mom went all out with the Easter meal. Friends, it was AH-MAZING. Here’s a pic of my plate:

Starting at 1 o’clock and going clockwise we’ve got: homemade corn souffle, homemade pineapple stuffing (more like a bread pudding, and hands down my favorite part of the meal), homemade apple sauce, homemade mashed potatoes, homemade cole slaw, ham with homemade raisin gravy, sweet potatoes and apples (the only thing besides the ham that wasn’t homemade), zucchini bread and mini blueberry muffins. Whew! Talk about a feast!

And of course, the cake, which was a CHEESEcake;-) Also homemade:

Topped with Easter candies!

Let’s just say I had my fair share of calories on Easter, but it was well worth it. My mom’s an amazing cook:-)

One more cake appeared in my way this weekend. While at home, I went to the Verizon store to get a new phone! Since starting the blog, I’ve been really wanting a smart phone, to keep up with all the social media outlets. Now I can tweet at ‘ya from anywhere; I don’t have to be sitting at my computer!

At the store, I was chatting with a woman who was trying to make the same decision as me: Droid X or iPhone ?

(I went with the iPhone;-) )

We started talking, and somehow food came up (um, that seems to happen with me). The woman mentioned that she liked to bake and she had made some carrot cake muffins for her Easter meal. She happened to have the cupcakes in her car, and she graciously offered one to me and the sales guy, to which I immediately replied, “Sure!” Um, you don’t have to ask me twice!

(Sorry for the blurry picture, this was pre-iPhone)

They were made with baby food, super moist, and topped with a yummy cream cheese icing. She gave me the recipe, so I’ll definitely be making these myself!

Questions of the day:

What is your favorite kind of cake? OR

If you have a smart phone, are you an iPhone user, or Blackberry, or Droid, or something else?